Guild Rules
How to Join

Sword of the Horde Guild Handbook

Rules, Guidelines, and our Philosophy


Sword of the Horde has been a long-standing guild on Ner’zhul. Our mission is to provide the best gaming atmosphere where people feel valued, safe, and connected.

Guild Rules

  1. Treat everyone with respect
  2. Represent the guild in a positive manner

Guild Chat

  1. No racist, sexist, or discriminatory comments
  2. No politics or religion discussed
  3. No trade spam
  4. No trolling

Guild Bank

The Guild Bank exists to hold guild for the guild repairs, there is a set amount per rank per day that can be spent.

Donations for the raid to create Flasks, Feasts, Potions, Enchants, Gems, Runes or gold for repairs are always appreciated.

Leaving the Guild

Leaving the guild essentially says to our Officer team that you no longer wish to be a part of the community, culture, and atmosphere that is Sword of the Horde. The Officer team understands that some members of the guild may not necessarily agree with our community, culture, and atmosphere. We also understand that some members may feel that they need to do what is best for them and Sword is not in their best interests.

In the event that a person leaves the guild, the following will occur:

  1. Your alts will be kicked from the guild when your main leaves the guild
    1. Alts who have raided with Sword and have received gear from a Sword raid qualify as mains
  2. If you leave the guild on good terms and wish to rejoin the guild, you may be re-invited with Officer team approval

Inviting Recruits to the Guild

We currently allow members to invite recruits to the guild upon their recommendation. If you would like to invite someone to the guild, contact an Officer. Guild-mates in good standing may have as many alts as they would like in the guild.

Random invites will be vetted by Officers prior to inviting them to the guild.


Sword of the Horde takes great pride in being able to provide a community where people can come together and play the game in peace. When guild rules are broken, the following will occur:

  1. When poor behavior is observed, an Officer (or Officers) will discreetly address the situation with the guildmate (or guildmates).
  2. You will most often receive a chance to improve behavior unless egregious in nature. If your behavior is deemed egregious by the Guild Master, your characters will be removed from the guild by the Guild Master.
  3. Continued poor behavior will result in the removal of your character(s) from the guild by the Guild Master.


Any guild member can invite to Sword of the Horde’s Discord server. A perma-link is provided in the guild’s info tab in-game. Discord rules follow the same general suit as our Guild and Guild Chat rules:

  1. No racist, sexist, or discriminatory comments
  2. No politics or religion discussed
  3. No trade spam
  4. No trolling
  5. No links to inappropriate material

A perma-link is provided under the pretense that members of the guild will not abuse Discord’s invite feature. All members in guild must have a username similar to a character in guild to be given the appropriate permissions in Discord. If a username is dissimilar to a character in guild, an Officer will change your username on the server.