Raid Rules

Respect the guild’s raid and the guildies who are a part of it.

Respond to the calendar invite and show up on time accordingly.

We expect raiders to come prepared by bringing your own runes (Augment and/or Vantus) and combat potions.

Be ready for the content we are going to do.

Know your class well enough to understand the stats, relics, trinkets, and the ideal tier pieces you require so that you can perform to the level of the content.

Openly expressed elitism is unacceptable.

We require two add-ons in order to raid with Sword of the Horde: Deadly Boss Mods (or equivalent) and RC Loot Council.

Discord must be kept clear during boss fights.

Raiders will not be permitted to switch to another main during progression.

Officer Raid Role

Zerimon, and Wizakard support the raid as officers in different ways.

Jastina is an extremely formidable healer. If he states something is not or is a healing issue. To argue with that would be... less than logical. His major role is healing core officer and discussing numbers and strategy with Nasota.

Zerimon helps assist with melee mechanic issues and positioning problems, on top of assisting with communication difficulties.

Wizakard helps assist with two major fronts, the ranged mechanical issues and how to approach the raid in a more calm and compassionate manner.