Sword's Guild History

Sword of the Horde is located on the Us-Ner'zhul, Frostmane, and Tortheldrin Servers. It's initial home server was Ner'zhul.

Sword of the Horde was created on April 21st, 2006.

Sword has come across many great names and loved ones. 

Many that still play to this day 11 years later.

This is one of the things we hold most dear amidst all else.

No matter how much time passes, many still call SotH a home.

It's leadership has passed through few hands, yet it currently resides once again in the Original Guild Master's.

If not for his leadership, SotH would be just another forgetful name in the hundreds of thousands lost guilds through time.

Our goal and purpose is clear, to be there for one another, to help one another, and make this place something we can all call home.

Sword's Raid History

Sword of the Horde's original raid leader was Jive.

 Before Jive was promoted in early BC however, The Original Guild Leader worked with other guilds to manage 40 man raids such as Molten Core and had enough to do ZG without assistance from other guilds.

Jive Led Sword through All of Burning Crusade as well as Wrath of the Lich King. Mid-Cataclysm Jive decided he wanted to step away from the game. The Original Guild Master a week later felt it was time for a break as well.

Sword was left in the hands of Gintora, a Guild Master of another guild that had transferred and merged with Sword. They proceeded to Raid. Sword was handed to Jod. Eventually he stepped away as well at some point in Mist.

Shadowscream returned in Mist and revitalized Sword. Once defeating Normal(Heroic) Garrosh, He and the raid team stepped away. The remaining players created Bravo Zulu and further improved Sword allow for Shadow and many to return to a raiding environment to reaching Heroic (Mythic) Garrosh.

Shadow Led the Raids from Early to Mid Warlords with many of the players whom remained. Eventually having a family Shadow had to leave the guild in the hands of Tebbs and the raid in the hands of Nasota.

Nasota Still Leads Today.

Sword generally does not recruit and when it does it tends to be family or close friends whom understand the goal is not simply to raid for loot, but the spend time with one another and actually make something worth while even if this is simply "just a game". This does not mean we do not allow people inside whom are interested to make this place they can call a home as well. We have simply found self proclaimed "elitist players" do not fair well in Sword. If that is the guild you are looking for, then Sword is not the place you belong.

What is the kind of player Sword looks for to add to it's community in World of Warcraft?

People who understand that this game is different to other players, some enjoy raiding, some PvP, some need a break from a near full day of work, some just want to log on and have a fun and enlightening conversation with a person on the other side of the pond.

If you are a curious player interested in raiding with a cohesive team with the goal to progress smoothly and calmly through content, this may be a home for you, but we are not bleeding edge content pushers, never have been never will be.

Sword has no dog in the fight of "Fame and Prestige". When a raiding guild can no longer progress it dies, people leave for 'greener' pastures. Sword is not a guild like that, it has been around for nearly 12 years and hasn't budged. That is because of the community that holds it together in the bonds made over time, not the bosses killed and loot obtained.

If you understand this, you may find a home in Sword, if you do not. This isn't the place for you.