Officer Rules & Duties

Sword of the Horde officers exist to keep the peace between players, from Drama, Tension, and other things that are avoidable if addressed early and often.

Sword Officers up hold the rule that this is not a place for others to harass or pester people whom log on to have a fun time.

It is their duty to address anything that goes against the guild rules and to not bend on these matters as leaving them unaddressed leads to players becoming alienated.

Each officer exists with a particular job however. These are Critical and Unique per officer.

Officer History

Sword has had many officers over 11 years of it's existence. As because of this some current raiders and casual guild members were officers in the past.

This further allows players to know that the title of officer is an active role, to not log on for awhile officers will be communicated with before they are demoted, but we don't leave guild ranks/roles unaddressed and ignored.

We have spent 11 years upholding Sword's values above all else. This is why sword has never fallen. We do not budge for anyone's want of undermining the rules.